Palisades Zoysia

  • Golf, Parks, Commercial Landscapes and Home Lawns
  • Very Soft To Touch
  • Light Green in Color
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Additional Information

Palisades Zoysia Sod is known to be a “friendly” grass due to its establishment rate. This means that it will root down and your lawn will grow and prosper quicker.

Palisades is a medium to coarse textured zoysia grass known for its drought tolerance. It is a highly dense turf that is used oftentimes for home lawns. One main reason Palisades Zoysia is used for homes is because of its low maintenance requirements. Because of its quick establishment rate and recuperative ability it is very wear tolerant and can be used in even some of the more trafficked home lawns.

Wear Tolerant

Injury Recovery

Shade Tolerant

Drought Tolerant

Soft Texture

Light Green in Color
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