Royal Zoysia

  • Must have at least 4 hours of filtered sun
  • Fine Texture High Density
  • Dense canopy offers excellent competition to weeds
  • Suitable for Sports Fields, Home Lawns, Golf Fairways and Tee Boxes
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Additional Information

Royal Zoysia grass is a warm-season turf noted for its fine texture, excellent green color and lower growth habits. Royal Zoysia was developed by Texas A&M University and released for sale in 2001, making it one of the newest fine-textured zoysia grasses available. Just like many other zoysia grasses, Royal will grow in partially shaded areas but prefers full sun. Royal is an excellent choice for a homeowner who wants a well-manicured lawn to complement their formal landscape.

Cold Tolerant

Drought Tolerant

Shade Tolerant

Heat Tolerant

Wear Tolerant

Dark Green Color
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