Tiffway II

  • Excellent for Landscapes, Parks, Playgrounds and Golf Courses
  • Beautiful Dark Green
  • Medium Blade
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Additional Information

Tifway II Bermuda grass is one of the most premium and popular grass type options for the South. The reason being Tifway II Bermuda thrives in sunlight while remaining drought resistant. Additionally, this turfgrass can withstand heavy traffic, making it a popular choice for athletic fields. You can find Tifway II Bermuda extensively on lawns, golf courses, sporting fields, and coastal areas.

Tifway II Bermudagrass is an improved derivative of Tifway. While Tifway II shares some of the notable characteristics of Tifway, like a green, lush appearance, this turfgrass is more dense and resilient to colder temperatures. Showing greener hues in early spring Tifway II is a durable and lasting grass type that is beautiful on lawns and athletic fields.

Fine Textured

Full Sun Required

Rapid Growth

Drought Tolerant

Wear Tolerant

Beautiful Dark Green

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