Winstead Turf Matrix

Thick cut turf technology for the sports industry.

We have partnered with Evergreen Turf to provide ready to play turf for your sports fields.

In today’s ultra competitive sporting environment natural turf surfaces are pushed to their limits as stakeholders seek to maximize usage and performance. Our Ready to Play turf products have been used on numerous high profile stadium projects, performing to elite standards and installed on extremely short time frames – often with return to elite level play the very next day.

Matrix Turf

Winstead Turf Matrix is a 100% USGA sand based, ready to play sports turf replacement system that enables instant use straight after install, perfectly suited for high demand stadium / elite field applications. Matrix turf rolls feature an interwoven mesh support layer that provides strength and stability to the sod without compromise to drainage. This ensures quick onsite install and minimal asset downtime, meaning you will be back in business sooner.


What is Matrix?

  • Reinforced product grown at bottom of sand based profile
  • Sprigged field to insure highest percolation rates
  • Ready to Play product

Where is it used?

  • High demand athletic fields: football, soccer, baseball, softball, and rugby.
  • High traffic areas: horsetracks, goal-mouths, and tournament crosswalks.
Please contact Winstead Turf Farms, Inc. for more information.

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